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a pile of rabbits

The Rabbit's Horde

a pile of rabbits

In a land where rabbits held dominion, a formidable and unyielding race known as the ElderHorde reigned supreme. Among their ranks, visionary scholars unearthed a revelation that shook the very foundations of reality: the existence of boundless parallel worlds. Driven by unquenchable ambition and an insatiable desire to expand their dominion, the ElderHorde conceived a shadowy plan to infiltrate and conquer these alternate realms. Yet, their malevolent designs necessitated a key to unlock the doors to these otherworldly domains.

After exhaustive research, they chanced upon an arcane secret:

by gathering a multitude of 6999 lesser rabbits from the farthest

corners of their world and forming a mystic circle around a highly

rare stone known as the Black Siren Stone, they could awaken an

ancient, dormant power within these rabbits. This power would

flow from the rabbits, channeling through the stone, ultimately

tearing open gateways to other dimensions. This assembly of

rabbits would be christened as "The GrandHorde." Tragically, these

rabbits in the GrandHorde would be reduced to mere automatons,

their life force drained away for the Elders' unrelenting pursuit of

power. The Elders, unwavering in their determination, cared naught

for the sacrifices demanded by their malevolent agenda.



In the year 1800BE, the ElderHorde achieved the unimaginable,

assembling the GrandHorde and breaching the first portal to an

alternate world. This marked their initial, momentous strides toward

dominion. A gathering of 3000 Elders converged at the portal of the

Black Siren Stone, basking in the glory of their achievement. Little did

they suspect that the gateway's stability was fragile, leading to a

catastrophic collapse that tore all 3000 Elders into the alternate realm,

leaving them stranded and severed from their homeland.

A brief glimpse at the lore of the hordes

a gateway to another world
looking at a orb
the orb is broken
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