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The Rabbit's Horde


A brief glimpse at the lore of the hordes


As the Elders vanished, the Black Siren Stone lay in ruins from the collapse, and the rabbits of the GrandHorde gradually awoke from their zombified stupor, dispersing across the ages. Over the ensuing two centuries, the GrandHorde fragmented into nine smaller hordes, each concealing its own mysterious saga.

One of these splinter hordes embarked on a quest to unveil

the ElderHorde's enigmatic history and ominous fate. Utilizing

remnants of the Black Siren Stone, this splinter horde glimpsed

into the alternate world the elders were believed to have

reached. Merging this knowledge with ancient lore passed

down through generations, they unearthed an unsettling

revelation: the Elders had ventured into a reality filled with

eldritch wonders that boggled the mind,

possessing an unfathomable power.


Unbeknownst to the splinter horde, their exploration of

otherworldly realms through the fragments of the Black Siren Stone inadvertently birthed a fleeting gateway, allowing nine of the vanished Elders to return to the rabbit world, changed and somehow able to transcend time. Rumors of their return spread rapidly, sparking whispers of their intent to resurrect the GrandHorde, perhaps even seeking the return of the remaining 3000. Such an audacious endeavor threatened to unleash catastrophe upon the diverse hordes once more. Only the relentless passage of time would unveil the true motives and dire consequences of their actions.


An individual is weak

A horde is Power
- Elder Seven

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