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Welcome to the Rabbit's Horde 

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Live on OpenTheta 

 The Rabbit's horde is a limited edition Digital Collectible set of 6999 Awesome Rabbits all with their own unique assets and characteristics powered by 544 unique hand drawn elements.  

By owning a Rabbit from The Rabbit's Horde you will have access to exclusive members only perks like Giveaways, Holiday, Charity Events, Voting Rights, Future Drops, Exclusive Merch and Collabs.

Along with giving you access to a horde that consists of other TRH holders. 

666 rabbits will be withheld from the horde for some of these events.


Within this community of 6999 unique rabbits, there exist some that are exceptionally unique – legendary splinter hordes that may be challenging to locate, yet they undeniably exist. Each of these rabbits serves as an ambassador from their respective smaller horde. Additionally, there is one Horde, which has its own set of ambassadors and harbors plans to create something greater.

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Join The horde

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